Wednesday, October 12, 2011

P90X Overview

The first couple of days I started the P90X program I could barely move. I thought that I couldn’t get through the whole program. But after about a week or two of staying consistent and with the program; it became more tolerable. Within the first 30 days I noticed I could do the workouts easier and I could push myself harder. That first month was the most difficult and so I’ve decided to put some helpful tips about P90X to make sure that it’s right for you.

The absolute bare minimum you need to complete P90X is:
  • The 12 workout DVDs
  • Pull-up bar
  • Free weights or resistance bands
The following is a list of items that are highly recommended, but are not required for success:
  • Supplements
  • Heart rate
  • Body fat caliper
  • Floor mat
  • Yoga blocks
Free weights are simple and less awkward; anyone can use free weights. First time users of bands will have a hard time adjusting/aligning the handles and figuring out the best way to position their bodies. Bands are very portable. Bands and weights offer slightly different resistance curves. The band offers no resistance when slack but a ton of resistance when taught. Free weights have constant resistance. Trying both is not a bad idea. My personal opinion would be to use free weights. I tend to feel more of a burn when I use them compared to the bands. But free weights can cost a pretty penny sometimes; so if you’re looking for a cheaper route go with the bands.
Taking photos 1, 30, 60, and 90 days is important because it will show progress; and seeing results keeps you bumped. Tracking how many reps were done during each set, how much weight was used, or which resistance band was used and how long each workout session takes is also important.
Weight cannot be lost by working out alone. You need a good strong diet full of protein. The P90X series comes with nutrition and diet guides. I’d strongly recommend you follow them. They pretty much instruct you to throw out all junk food in your house at the start.
In the end if you are looking to get into the best shape you’ve ever been in, I am confident this workout is a good way to achieve that goal. Defiantly not the only way, but; it’s easily accessible, lots of people have tried it with great results and the resistance bands, pull-up bar, supplements, DVDs, etc. are available in health stores across the country. The instructor in the videos is the same guy who created the P90X workout. He keeps you motivated throughout the whole workout. As the workout goes along he will say things like, “If you can only do 5 reps instead of 10, don’t worry about it. Just make sure you have good form and do as many as you can. If you need to hit pause and come back to do it; we’ll be here waiting when you get back.”